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The Basics

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It's Really Quite Simple

The focus of our program, SharedCommissions.com is to help

New Construction Home Buyers,

that do not already have Realtor Representation,

work with Builders throughout the State of Florida.

Builders offer a commission to Realtors for procuring

new clients to their neighborhoods.

This commission is built into the price of the home.

We want to share that commission with YOU!

By Federal Law, commissions cannot affect the price of the home or the incentives the Builder is offering.

Now here is what sets us apart ...

we focus on giving you what you deserve.

We realize the way Home Buyers shop for their home is changing.

You, as the Buyer,

have access to almost all of the information that Realtors do.

You do the research, the leg work, you gather information, and finally,

you narrow things down to find the perfect home for your family.

By using our Shared Commissions Program,

and registering with us as your Realtor - Buyer Representative

you have the advantage of tapping into our knowledge of the business

PLUS we will SHARE our commission with YOU!


Need to sell your home before you can buy? We can help with that too!

In the Shared Commission Program our Listing Commission is 1%

Your Share

Your Share of the Commission

can be used however you would like.

You can use it towards your closing costs,

 builder upgrades

or we will mail you a check after closing.

Your Share of the Commission

is based on the amount

being offered by the Builder.

Typically the Builder offers 3% of the purchase price of a home

as commission to Licensed Real Estate Agents.

By registering with us as your Buyers Agent,

you will receive 2/3 of the total dollar amount

of commission offered from the Builder.

For Example :

$250,000 Home Price

3% Commission = $7500

2/3 of that means $5000 to YOU!

$325,000 Home Price

3% Commission = $9750

2/3 of that means $6500 to YOU!

$400,000 Home Price

3% Commission = $12,000

2/3 of that means $8000 to YOU!

Your Share of the Commission

 is Yours ... 

You Earned It!  You Deserve It!




As you visit neighborhoods hosted by Builders, you will be asked
"Are you using a Realtor?".
Simply enough, registering with us as your Realtor Representative
will net you thousands of dollars when you close on your new home.

Click the link below to request our Buyer Registration Packet.

We will email it to the email address you register with us.
This packet includes a Buyer form can be used with

ANY cooperating Builder in the State of Florida.
Print out a copy and carry it with you.
The Builders Sales Representative can copy it and attach it to your file.


Before you visit any new home Builder’s Community, you must complete and print out

the Buyer Registration Form below.  Take it with you as you visit the Builder’s Communities,

let them know that  Rita Phillips with Florida Realty Investments is your Realtor.

As you fill out Registration Cards in the New Home Centers you must list 

Rita Phillips, Florida Realty Investments as your Realtor Representative.

We also suggest ...

that you contact us so that we can pre-register you at the communities you are planning to visit.  

Please call or text 407.928.0573, or you can email us at SharedCommissions@gmail.com 

and provide us with your full name(s), phone number and a list of communities.  


Let us know when you will be writing the contract with the Builder's Representative.

At the time of contract with the Builder,

you must ensure that Rita Phillips, Florida Realty Investments is the “Broker of Record”. 

Please ask the Builder’s Representative to email the contract to us at SharedCommissions@gmail.com.

As you apply for your mortgage,

you must let the lender know that you will be receiving 2/3 of our commission as a credit on the settlement statement.


 First of all … CONGRATULATIONS on the purchase of your new home! 

Secondly …. CONGRATULATIONS on getting what you deserve!

If your share is used for closing costs or builder upgrades it will be listed as a credit to you on the settlement statement at closing.

If you have chosen to receive a check after closing, it will be mailed to you once funds have cleared from the bank and the file is closed with the Builder.  This can take up to 7 to 10 business days after closing.  If you choose this option, you will have tax implications; please consult with your accountant.


Who do you know that is shopping for a new home?

Let them know about your experience and how we saved you thousands of dollars!

About us

Personally Speaking

Dave and Rita Phillips have been residents of Central Florida since 1990.  They are proudly parents of 4 great kids! 

Enjoying volunteer opportunities with local football leagues and schools and cruising, they especially love time with their family.

As Professionals

Dave and Rita have a combined 35 years of Real Estate Experience

in the Central Florida area.  They find joy in helping people.

They realize the excitement of buying your first home

or the thrill of downsizing to your retirement home.  

They appreciate the growing family looking for a larger home.

Rita and Dave will listen, research and react!

Finding that the world of Real Estate as we know it is changing,

they have put together this new offering of "Shared Commissions" 

and are excited to offer it to  Buyers that do not have representation.

Specializing in residential home sales,

they hold their license with Florida Realty Investments.  


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